Monday, 7 October 2013

The Cove..My first post reposted...celebrating 17,000 plus views to this blog!

Mother and little one. Willow Sculpture for Cardigan Bay Enviromental Promo, situated in the Guildhall, Cardigan since 2006.
I am so excited about starting a blog and what will it begin with.
So began my first post on my blog three and a half years ago. This weekend I made a new friend who has just returned to these islands after living away for twenty eight years most recently in the Grenadines where she became friends with some of the people behind the making of the film The Cove. (We also attended a party where the hosts where collecting entrance money in a basket I had woven which seemed to add some significance to the evening) Anyway I got to thinking about how I had blogged about the Cove in my first post. Not many peeps probably read it but since I started this blog I have had over 17,000 views from  all over the world. Most of those views over  the last two years. Quite a significant amount of  people when you think about it  and my lifestyle weaving in the quiet valley where I make my home. All this made me want to  repost this first post as a kind of re view literally and to take stock and possibly attract more  people to the Cove and the politics/bollotix that allow such mindless atrocities to happen to defenceless trusting creatures at the hands of men and governments... The world gets smaller as  we get older and all the beauty left in it too is  reduced. So thank you for visiting this blog, this is where I began and hopefully it might inspire you to blog about your art, life, ideas and loves.

So many inspiring things and today some moving images. I sat down with my son and some pear cider to help tease out of him the reasons for his reluctance to continue with his college studies. After discussing the subject in as much depth as was necessary he started to tell me about a film called The Cove. He got it up on his computer screen and we watched it together. It's all about the brutal slaughter of dolphins in a beautiful but weird town called Taiji in Japan. The film follows Richard O'Barry and his compadres as they attempt to bring to light what happens there. Basically the capture of dolphins to sell to the sea aquarium trade and then the slaughter of the remainder of the catch in a little cove off the town. I don't know if you should watch it it is horrific but everybody should know about it. Richard O'Barry is the man who started the whole Sea world entertainment business training the original Flipper way back in 1962. He deeply regrets it now but he is finding ways and means of bringing the truth to us all and to the legislators. They have a website..takepart/

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