Friday, 10 August 2018

Inside the Art of Festival

Sunny summer the grass underfoot so baked it could soon become dust. Still we travel to gather and celebrate with those we love those who can make it and those who have never but are for the first time dancing to some funky sax with a healthy dose of glitter smudged about the place. Sitting in my van sheltering from a badly timed shower but still a wellcome one i just feel so grateful to be here amongst this commune of my scattered tribe. We have travelled through Beatherder
to Gather at to home in a sunny West Wales.

Then back out with a young fox to meet with the incredible Alcindo Pinto the legendary Greenman of Jersey at Cherry Hinton for Cambridge Folk Festival.
It was some time ago that i first made a willow fox for this heartwarming beaut of a festi.  I am so lucky to have met Eddie Barcan  and his encouraging enthusiasm really heped birth the foxes which the festival and by that i do mean the people or the choir who attend seem to love.
Highlights a plenty all the workshoppers who made and made..Rhian Giddens, Ametyst Kia, John Prine ah so many just go...A sad farewell to Alcindo...bon voyage dear friend til we weave again
And now mid flow at the prow of the good ship steering through the sun and showers creating rainbows and frolics

until We to must part and head on to Beautiful Days.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

River Sculptures Celebration Day 30th June 2018 2pm til 4pm

There will be a celebratory launch day at the Riverside Haverfordwest on Saturday 30th June 2pm until 4pm with music, workshops walkabout puppets and more. This is a free family friendly event which we hope you will come and enjoy.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

River Sculptures for Haverfordwest

Three Sculptures installed along the river in Haverfordwest...the natural thread running through the town. Sculptures designed and conceived by award winning architects Studio Weave  for the art and regeneration project Confluence www.thelabhaverfordwest.orgBronze trees created by Martin Bellwood...woven willow elements by Michelle Cain. Thanks to Aarron Petersen for the wonderful to be revealed at a later date metalwork frames.