Saturday, 12 June 2010

The Nest

It is strange where the weaving of a good few sticks can take you. Recently I spent five long days at Ellstree Studios working on the Big Brother house. I was invited to weave the interior of the Nest, a little cedar shingled pod situated in the garden. It was a tricky, awkward job the last day being spent up a ladder weaving the cone, which was 2m wide and 2m high, one stick at a time. A variety of willows were used, some from Musgroves of Somerset and the rest from West Wales Willows in Wolfscastle, Pembrokeshire. After some discussion I was left to improvise a landscape fused design with soft hills, almond shaped "leaves" which also reminded me of the Big Bro all seeing eye.... I wasn't allowed to take any photos and the ones I found the on the web don't show you the full thing...for that you will have to watch the show...if you have the time...which you probably don't or wait until the designers send me their images..which might be a while.. but I will share.