Saturday, 2 April 2016

Out of the Woods and Back in the Hood

Phew all the coppicing is done so I am out of the woods and
back in the Hood of Cardigan town and getting down to some orders and ideas for festivals.
Promise to have all your baskets and such like to you patient people...I have some nice stuff to work with too so it will be worth the wait and Emma is helping to speed up my process. We had fun. yes it was fun' making a chair together yesterday another is on the way but back to logs and the back log. Oh and away from the web...weave on.

Willow Badger 2016

The Willow Badger at the Wildlife at Teifi Marshes near Cardigan is three years old now ..which  does means the willow is becoming more fragile and in need of some TLC or more. The framework within is still stable and could  be clad again next year with a completely new badger now there's a thought. There is not the funds to do that this year but we have had a go at sprucing it up and we think it is good for the next few months. I think we should launch a fundraising campaign and try and recruit some badger loving volunteers next spring to help do a new one ...what do you think? The framework is so good I think it could be saved for some time to come.

Willow Coppice 2016

The winter has been wet and cutting willow has been as intermittent as sun shining.
Still we managed to pick the good few days to be out amongst the colour it is warming too all that work and I thank my two helpers for their toil. There is a new patch for planting next week yes it is late but better that than never. It is not big enough for all I would love to plant  so deliberating on what varieties.