Friday, 5 July 2013

Glastonbury Festival 2013 Willow Sculpture Installation in the Glade.

This year we installed five big willow sculptures in the Glade Area bang in the heart of the Glastonbury Festival Site. Set amongsta grove of shady poplars they looked just right just the wish we had more to go all the way around the space. The oil lamp effect projections at night worked a treat and the sound from the adjoining stages and monster that is Arcadia right next door added a different mood depending on when you ventured past that way. Exciting stuff. I was off in Greencrafts  giving workshops to any would be weaver who dared enter my tipi. And we erected Sirgourney Weaver next to it too. She now on her way to Cumbria to live the dream in the beautiful lakeland up there. So jealous and will miss her...give her a hug from me if you meet up.  My willow sistas and bruvs this year where superstars and I am very lucky to have had them so thank you Lizabeth Rooney, Johnking Rooney, Preselli Sam, Emma, Brightspark Dave, Princess Rosie, Kinkaris and Bear and to the ones who stayed at home

Shaun, Sarah and Rachel...oh and Beanie too. Love you all and always.xx