Sunday, 9 June 2013

Living Willow Maze at the Wildlife Park in Cilgerran, Pembrokeshire.

It is a stunningly beautiful June and temperatures are at a high not felt for some time. The park is quieter since the schools went back and the regulars are perhaps fewer now that their gardens are needing love and attention. I am working away on new sculptures for Glastonbury Festival in the workshop here for  the next two weeks and lapping up the unfolding of leaves on the oak and now ash. Hawthorns too like a pretty dress with their late blossoms. The last 6 months working here has been one of the most happy times of my life no question. Pembrokeshire could be a top  contender in any beauty competion.
My willow maze is bushing out too. I can honestly say that the 100% rate on each and every cutting growing is down to the guys who made each and every hole for each of them ....Thank you Izaac Cain, Aeron whatever your secnd name is, and Macs Holtom, happy eighteenth birthday to you too this weekend. You did us all proud. You over did it and that has definately made the difference. When we have the party to celebrate the completion of all the things done in July you better be there I want to soak you all in a beer or two.
 Livivng willow maze 5 months after planting.