Saturday, 12 January 2019

Trinity College May Ball 2018

Last June I got to collaborate with a fibre optics light artist call Caz Dickson Cambridge Trinity College May Ball.
We wove a huge swirling form that was wrapped around the central pole of one of the event tents. Caz then draped her lights and transformed the sculpture and space in to something else and somewhere else. It was great. Cambridge is a bit of an old familiar to me now and it is so awesome to work creatively there a stones throw from so much history and an
Anthony Gormley. Surreal too all the stewards wear bowler hats  making the place like a Rene Magritte paintinG. It was my birthday too when we derigged. Posh nosh in Grantchester yum. Thank you to Bob, Tracy and Ian  together we dream big. And Izaac you are an inspiration always so grateful to have you by my side.

Weaving December

The push to Christmas sees most artists and crafts people sprinting along to shows and markets, working in to the night and all weekend making, making, sleep, eat and making again.  It is always so nice to meet customers and lap up the love and encouragement people are willing to share. It is a tonic for the lonely soul who beavers away in isolated sheds and studios and another bonus too is the chance to meet up with other makers who you are possibly unfamiliar with. This winter I took part in only three shows. Square Pegs in Cardigan Guildhall, Borth Craft Fair Winter Lights an illuminated woodland trail at Bluestone Resort in Narberth, Pembrokeshire. It was all inspiring and I also made sales so thank you again.

Willow Arch 2019

Willow Arch 2019

So happy with the outcome of this structure which is for Winter Lights show at Bluestone Resort in Pembrokeshire.  First sculpture of 2019 made of green oneyear old Viminalis longest rods, Chinese Willow and some seasoned Chimutsina Willow the beautiful fiery  orange. Hoping it will sprout too in parts but at the edge of oak woodland so we shall see.Working with the Wired Wood Team is so much fun.