Latest Willow Sculptures

At the moment I am juggling a few things from living willow projects, harvesting, planting,a bit of basket making, teaching and sculpture. My most recent sculptures are of a fox and a wild boar. Both are about  one metre in length and the boar is a study for a larger sculpture that I am trying to get off the ground next year. The fox is a mix of willows woven around a simple wire frame with a bit of cane for the white fur around the cheeks. The boar was begun with a wire armature with steamed willow woven over to create the shape and finished with a layer of silver birch. The birch adds a lovely rougher texture that works a treat, I love it. The little white eyes are two thicker stems of birch snipped at the ends. I have entered both for the Oriel Q open exhibition at the Queen's Hall Narberth over Christmas and the  New Year, I hope they get accepted. Next is a large badger head for the living willow installation I am helping with this week and next in Haverfordwest. I will add images as I can.


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