Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Living Willow Sculpture/Installation Commissions

Here are a few images of living willow installations I have been involved in the creation of. Some are my design and the two larger ones at Hobbledown and Teifi Marshes I designed and project  managed which was a lot of fun. The dried willow animal heads on domes have been a very popular choice for lots of the local schools around Pembrokeshire. These heads will perish after three years outdoors but they do add interest to the structure while the dome gets established. The time to plant these structures is in the winter months when the plants are dormant. the latest I have planted living willow structures is mid April and I insisted on plenty of watering should there be a dry spell lol. Willow trees are second only to the  great  oak when it comes to supporting a diverse array of wildlife. These structures function as an imaginative place for children to relax and play, encouraging exercise and an interest in nature and wildlife study.

                                       Lamphey School Installation designed by Willow House
Cilgerran School Outdoor Classroom in full summer  bloom.

                                               Little fox head at Croesgoch primary school
Hobbledown living willow maze 2012

Mr Badge wild dome  kids play area Teifi Marshes.

Teifi Marshes kids play area domes redone spring 2013

Butterfly maze, Wildlife Park, Teifi Marshes, 2013 

                                           Outdoor Classroom, Cilgerran School, Winter, 2013
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  1. I like those animals! All your willow domes and the bigger area with several structures look so good.