Friday, 4 October 2013

Back to Baskets

With the ending of summer the rover returns. Home is in a little valley tucked up  close to some woods. The constant rain this week has seen me travel hardly outdoors and I have even stoked the Rayburn for the first time. I go from extreme to extreme. One day I am weaving giant arches under the flight path  from Heathrow with deafening roar of jets every 45 seconds to weaving baskets in my workroom with just the sound of birds outside and the rain. I am busy  completing orders that where put on the shelf for a while. log baskets and laundry. Preparing for a couple of Craft Fairs. Planning some workshops..if you are interested keep a look out.
Hoping  to work with a group of volunteers at the Wildlife Park in Cilgerran too. So it goes,
Big logs for Tom

Little cheese basket for Sustainability conference Raffle

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