Saturday, 27 April 2013

Willow Badger Sculpture Progress

The Wildlife Park, CilgerranI love my it a he or a she? What is to be it's name.
The framework is  more or less there some tweaking is  to be done but we have begun the surface weave now which should be completed in  ten days or so. Volunteers always welcome.. arrive after 10 to give me a chance to organize. Busy steaming some longer thicker stuff to give  it a good color.
We stayed late each day this week and one night when the moon was up  and the air warm and still  it did look alive and magical and what

a beautiful location overlooking the reed beds  along the Teifi towards Cardigan town.  The Wildlife Park at Cilgeran is the place. The scale of the sculpture  is great it makes you feel small and child like..I think that is a good feeling. Hope you come and visit us soon...if you can not then here are some photos.


  1. What an absolutely enchanting creature you have created! Stunning!

  2. I saw this last week when we visited the centre. Thought it was quite amazing. Wanted to stroke it (actually, I did!)