Willow sculpture for Hobbledown Epsom Surrey

Just installed a 10m long willow sculpture at Hobbledown,www.hobbledown.com Epsom, Surrey. We completed a living willow maze for  the same centre this spring, which is looking lovely.
The dried willow sculpture is of one of the characters from the Hobbledown book namely Rumple Tump the dragon thingy.

Half the fun was in the leaving of Ynys Marine, my temporary workshop, in Cardigan getting him thru the doors and loading him onto his carriage for the journey. I am sure the assembled helpers where a bit relieved to have the assistance of a telescopic  lifting majig....thank you Mark Jukes....quite an unexpected offer...he got RT flying thru the air...and as you can see he landed safely.


  1. I love your dragon!! We just start building our willow maze in Poland by the Gdansk. Maze is designed by Adrian Fisher so I have hard work to do :-) I was looking for the nice willow sculpture in a Internet. This is how I finde your blog. One time again your dragon is the best!! Best wishes. I will pop up on your blog :-)

  2. What a handsome dragon thingy...such presence!


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