Sunday, 8 July 2012

Mabinogion Storytelling Forest at Narberth Museum

If you go down to Narberth today you  should pay Narberth Museum a visit. The Bonded (the Bond) Stores is the new home for it's collections and staff.

I was invited to create a Mabinogion inspired forest for the storytelling area. What a pleasure on so many levels. The building is fantastic.  Since first visiting the site in March I have watched the builders, plasterers, painters, chippys, sparks and friends work like crazy  to transform what was a delapidated old shell into an ultra  tradmod venue that any wizard would be proud to have conjured up. The project I made as labour intensive as possible of course but I know I can rely on some weaving wizards of my own James, Rachel, Layla, Danni,  Sally, Karen, Zed, Chris and Dai Williams for the spaceshop! Phew thanks I owe you big time.

I don't have any photos of the finished project as I was busy working up to the last minute on the last day  and then rushed out to avoid being locked in and  on the morning of the opening my van  developed a very serious water pipe malfunction so did not make it! So you will have to go there yourselves for the completed picture. Can't wait myself.


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