Sunday, 2 October 2011

My Baskets

It's the end of the year for basket making. I am nearly all out of last season's willow and what's left is going into commissioned pieces. The harvesting time for willow is almost here, in time with the ancient Celtic celebration of Samhain. Once 31st October has passed I will be just raring to begin cutting the bare withies that have grown and turn them into creations both functional and not. I have allready been wandering amongst the beds we have planted and it is as good as shopping for a buzz! Really, the branches are so juicy and alive, they even smell good. Time keeps pushing forward and I have been thinking about all this activity, growing, harvesting and making locked together in woven forms. At festivals there is always the pause in activity when the sculpture is up and is part of that other pocket in time, I stop and wonder what to do, no stuff to weave, well better take a photo. I rarely stop to photograph my baskets though...or workshops. This year I am making more of an effort so here are some of the ones I didn't forget to snap.

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