Monday, 17 December 2012

Living Willow Butterfly Maze, Teifi Marshes, Cilgerran.

I have just begun a living willow installation at The Wildlife Park, Teifi Marshes, in Cilgerran, Cardigan, West
Designed as an area for children to run around it measures approx 26m x 30m.  It takes the shape of a butterfly and will include domes, tunnels and spiralling fences to encourage play.
The perimeter measures approx 110m and will be  planted with a willow podge fence...this week. Each willow is planted to a depth of about 30cm which will  keep the rod in the ground and also allow enough moisture to feed it and get established. The space between each plant is lots to do before Solstice.
Come along and see it progress... always happy to stop and chat.
We will have some fast growing super willows arriving tomorrow so could do with a bit of muscle power.
You are all just so wellcome. Volunteer days Tuesday and Thursday.


  1. I am look forward to see the progress of this exciting new project! Best wishes

  2. What a wonderful concept and design. Children will so enjoy running the maze and playing throughout it.

    1. Thanks for your comments on my posts...just love making and sharing and looking forwards to watching things grow and what is next.