Sunday, 8 April 2012

Living Willow Maze

Just returned from Epsom, Surrey where I have been installing a living willow maze labyrinth at Horton Children's Farm.
Well I say I but it was such a big one that I had a team. So thanks to Sophie, Zoley, Casper, Uldis, Bear and Daz and thanks to Steve and John of the Willow Bank who kept us with lots of rods.
Five domes, six tunnels, lots of fedge and podge too, plus a whale den and three archways. It took two weeks to build so we did work long hours.  
But we stayed in a lovely hotel in Purley...the Aerodrome Hotel or Hallmark Hotel dating from the original London airport where Amy Johnson stayed before flying the Gypsy Moth etc. A bit of character. And fully refurbished.

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