Thursday, 8 September 2011

Electric Picnic 2011

This was our 5th year at Stradbally. We installed Hey Boy and Hey Girl, which is what I called my two male and female waving figures, on the Village Green. I was happy with the position near the fairground rides and trailer and also close to the Craftitecture Pavillion (constructed to celebrate Ireland's Year of Craft a collaboration between master boat builders and archtitects). Towards the end of the instal a "drifting" guy came and said the sculptures would be stronger together not apart. I mumbled something. He asked could I move the girl over? Er well.... I asked him what he was up to...change the subject..." nothing" he said "I'm the promoter". Well we left them where they where and I think they were fine. But Ihave got so many ideas for next year. We put the fox in Body and Soul next to the main stage and I think he looked the best he has all summer but I want to make changes for the next one. The festival was great..John Grant, Everything Everything, PJ Harvey, Underworld who also DJ'd on Arcadia's stage. Lords of Lightening too where fun. So many things and a significant birthday for Izaac. We met Joe Hogan too who gave a talk in the crazy racket. That was an anorack moment for me ...don't worry you would have to be a fellow anorack to understand. What's next? Secret Light Garden of course.

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  1. I love the image of chatting with Joe Hogan at Electric Picnic.