Saturday, 10 July 2010

Glastonbury 2010

The last three months has seen me working towards the Big One..Glasto 2010. Each year I promise myself to start working on it months earlier but life will get in the way and it becomes a last minute scramble to reach the finish at Worthy Farm. This year I had more than "the Final Countdown" going round in my brain, more and more work kept creeping in and they were all such exciting invitations (weaving .. exciting!!) that I had to say yes yes yes. A few people looked on with scepticism but I do have a little network of willing helpers who will drop their stuff to pass me some sticks and lift a woven giant over onto it's back so I can weave it's front and all for the promise of a ticket to a festival or two. This year I would not have made it without all their cooperation after I came off a ladder and broke a bone in my right hand. Ouch. So thankyou Nici, Izaac, Layla, Emma, Liz, Gaz, Kinkaris, Karma, Floss, Fion, Danielle, Colin, Parky, Sally, Laura, Daniel, Dave, Mick, Josh, Harry, Oliver and ofcourse Beanie who is fully responsible for distracting me from the terror and amusing me no end with her puppiness. We made it just and it was a great success and fun in the sun.

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