Thursday, 22 April 2010

Manor House Park Tenby

Here are some animal heads I made installed in the living willow garden created for Manor House Park by Willow House aka Sophie and Natalie. We have worked together on a few projects now and this was the biggest so far with four woven heads. The fox and fox cub are woven from all Welsh grown willows and the badgers are mostly Somerset Black Maul. Manor House is a wildlife park with lots of exotic animals from camels to zebra to meerkats. As we arrived a bison was giving birth. Which was good as Gordon the cameraman was busy so we could rehearse our shapes and moves for when he came to capture us finishing the last one off. Yes it is the location of a fly on the wall reality tv zoo programme thing starring Anna Ryder Richardson and all and maybe even litlle Beanie soon, my 9 weekold JRT.

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